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We are a Canadian online accounting firm with a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our innovative work method and transparent pricing defy convention to complement emerging technology and evolving business trends. We have a reputation for innovation in our field and have worked successfully with our clients to adapt to their changing needs. We provide great online bookkeeping and accounting services for Toronto and all of Canada.


Professional Accountants

With Future Balance CPAs, you get a team of highly vetted and qualified CPAs to take care of all your professional accounting, bookkeeping, tax and consulting needs. With our online platform our great team is accessible wherever your business takes you.

Online Accounting and Bookkeeping For Small Businesses

We get it, you’re moving at a leopard’s pace and expect your accountant to do the same. We’re CPAs for the modern marketplace, specializing in the latest accounting and bookkeeping apps. Streamlined, cloud-based accounting software generates real-time information so that we can help you make the right decisions in a timely fashion.

Accounting Software Specialists

We’re experts in small business accounting software. There are so many solutions that can be utilized for small and medium sized businesses, it can get pretty confusing. Not to worry, we’ll guide you. It’s all a part of what we do.

Fixed Pricing

We work on a fixed monthly subscription basis so that there are no surprises. For a reasonable monthly fee we will take care of all your business‘ financial requirements- from bookkeeping to tax filings to timely business advice.

Symbiotic Growth

Your business‘ growth is key to our success. We’ll promote our clients via The Pulse, our network of like-minded entrepreneurs, so that you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Small Business and Start-up Advisory

Need help beyond balancing your books? We can provide a wide range of consulting and advisory services for you and your business.


Toronto online bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses in the contemporary marketplace.



No interest in doing your own bookkeeping? Don’t know where to start or just want to spend more time building and growing your business? Leave it up to us. We’ll take care of your books from A to Z with some pretty cool online bookkeeping apps. We’ll ensure a seamless, headache-free, and paperless workflow.

GST/HST filing

Forgot to file your GST/HST filings? Having trouble tracking GST/HST in your books? Or have enough on your plate and don’t need another tedious burden? We’ll manage your GST/HST for you, from reviewing to filing and everything in between, so that your on-side and in-time. Another financial task lifted from your to-do list.

Payroll services

Not quite sure how much to deduct from your employees? Don’t want to be bothered calculating and administering the monthly remittances? Most small and medium size business owners don’t. Payroll is just another one of those pesky thankless administrative tasks. We’ll get ‘er done, calculations, remittances and year-end information returns.

A/R + A/P Management

Like taking your full net 30 to pay your suppliers, but having a hard time tracking all the invoices and when they are due? Not doing a good job chasing overdue sales invoices, which is leading to poor collection rates and bad cash flow? We’ll design a workflow process for you and manage it so that you don’t have to. You’ll enjoy the fruits of this service- namely, minimum effort and maximum results!


Financial Reporting

If you’re un-incorporated, and have managed your own books throughout the year, we’ll review your books for presentation and accuracy before readying you for your year-end tax filing. If you’re incorporated you’ll likely be needing professionally compiled financial statements, we’ll take care of this for you. Should you need a review or audit of your business’ financial statements as a result of a franchise or shareholder agreement, terms of a bank loan, or any other stakeholder requirement, look no further. Future Balance CPAs provides these services too.

Income tax filings

We work with all businesses, those that are incorporated and those that are un-incorporated. This means that if you are incorporated we’ll be filing your T2 in conjunction with your year-end financial statements. If you are a sole-proprietor or partnership we’ll be picking up your business income on your T1. Regardless of your business structure and what tax filing directly relates to your business, we’ll not only satisfy your obligations but also ensure you that your optimizing your tax situation.

Tax planning

Don’t be fooled by our image and millennial appeal! We bring a lot of experience and expertise to the table. We are always in search of tax optimization for you, that means we will likely look at your personal tax situation in relation to your business income to ensure harmonious integration and the lowest tax bill. For example, if incorporated, we will show you when and how to take money out of your corporate structure, vis-a-vis dividend, salary or other.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Studies show that businesses that actively budget, forecast and analyze their results vs their budget grow up to 30% faster. We’ll help you keep your eyes on the prize, starting with an accurate budget, with real industry-specific data, performing regular variance analysis and coaching you along as you rinse and repeat, this method works best when continually tweaked.

Financial Health Reports

Want a monthly dashboard report of the metrics that mean the most to your business? We’ll help keep your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in close view so that you’ll gain insight into how effectively your organization is achieving key objectives.

Business Plans

Pitching your new idea to potential investors? Applying for a business loan? You’ll likely need a formal business plan. Enter Future Balance CPAs, we’ll design your multi-page fully-customized professional business plan- complete with financial forecasts and any required exhibits. Impress bankers, investors & stakeholders. Meet professional standards with plans prepared and reviewed by certified CPA, MBAs. Get your guidance and professional advice from beginning to end, we may even virtually attend/assist your business plan pitch!

IT system design

Are you a small to medium size business with a limited budget but still need an effective solution for your complex business process? We utilize modern apps to improve internal controls, improve vendor payment management, track inventory and job costing. There are so many ways to achieve your system goals. We will sit with you to design a customized work flow that suits your needs.



Your requirements don’t always fit the mold. Can’t decide whether to buy or lease a piece of equipment for your business? Need us to look over a business proposal or a potential investment? Just need some structural or operational advice? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know if we can help, good chance we can.


Eigenworks Inc.

Industry: Win/Loss and Churn Analysis Consulting
Services rendered: Virtual CFO Services & Controllership

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