Our process

  1. Let’s Chat

    Intro chat with one of our CPAs, at a time that works for your schedule. Our team is not only interested in your current business successes, but also in your future ambitions as a business. Speak with one of our account managers – inquire, discuss and hear how we can help you.

  2. Join our team!

    • This conversation will include an analysis of your business reporting requirements and other value added services that make sense for your business.
    • We’ll recommend a fixed-price package for your business. No one likes surprises, especially on a bill.
    • Almost there! Your business is now officially on the up-and-up. That’s British for upward trend or movement, and don’t we all want to be part of something in forward motion (and possibly British, while we’re at it)? Let’s pop the bubbly, you’ve made a wise business decision.
  3. Base camp / implementation

    • After preparing a tailor-made solution for your business you’ll meet with both the CPA and bookkeeper dedicated to your file.
    • A technician will set up your cloud-based accounting app profile.
    • We’ll take the wheel from here (backseat drivers welcome).

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Service – Online apps

Online apps give you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want. We know how small businesses and entrepreneurs move in a fast paced environment; the newest cloud-based apps can help you move even faster. There are a lot of new accounting apps on the market, and we’ll help you navigate through the ones that will work best for you and your company. Cloud accounting software apps allow us to work on a time-conscious and affordable platform. We love recommending apps to busy business owners and their team to keep up with their accounting and bookkeeping needs, giving them more time for the other hats they wear. We can get you set up and running, all included with in your monthly package.

How apps help

  • Helping Future Balance CPAs access and interpret your information faster, so that you can make better and more timely business decisions.
  • Helping Future Balance CPAs get the required data quicker and less obtrusively, which allows us to do our job without bothering you. We’ve embraced the term “ninja CPAs” to describe our work ethic and goals. We look forward to surprising you with our efficiency and ability to work alongside you and your passions, all the while remaining unobtrusive.
  • Accounting apps have a ton of other valuable features that can be used to increase your business’ productivity, streamline existing functionality, improve data analysis, or just, plain and simple, make your life easier. Some popular features include invoicing, inventory tracking, and smart reports. We will recommend suitable features that we feel will help your business grow.

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Can I cancel the accounting services at any time?

Of course you can! We never lock you in and we make sure it’s easy to get your accounting data from Future Balance CPAs.

What happens if you don’t use my current corporate accounting or online bookkeeping software?

In general, we strongly recommend using one of our recognized cloud-based accounting software apps. They’re recommended because they give us real-time information and help us do our job each month seamlessly. Did we mention these cloud-based accounting apps are really cool, too!? However, if you are currently using something else for your bookkeeping, and are happy with the way things are, we will do our best to accommodate you. Future Balance CPAs provide the best online business accounting Toronto has to offer. No need to worry…you’re in good hands.

What happens if my accounting needs differ or are not listed in one of the pre-defined accounting packages?

No worries- if it makes sense for us to work together and you don’t fit one of our packages, we’ll work out a custom tailored package to perfectly suit your needs

Are you a licensed public accounting firm?

Absolutely – we are a team of CPA, CAs and are registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.

Does Future Balance CPAs engage in other accounting and tax work, such as personal tax returns?

Yes, while our specialty is corporate accounting and tax accountant services for small and medium sized businesses, our team of CPAs have lots of experience in other areas, such as non‐for‐profit work and personal taxation. Contact us for all your needs.


If you can’t tell yet, a lot. We are a creative team working to help your business grow through easy accessibility and innovative technology. We understand the modern demands of a business owner and work with you, on your schedule, to help your business meet its financial goals. We believe in transparent pricing and work hard to create a price map that works for you.