Less Known Benefits of Quitting


Being persistent is often regarded as one of the qualities you should have if you want to be the best or if you want to have the most in this life. Even when the conditions are not favorable, you are supposed to press on. You have to persevere because that is what award-winning actors, champion athletes, best-selling authors, and all other successful people are telling you to do.

What about the other side of being persistent? There is always something you can learn from everyone. Winners can tell you the things you need to do and the qualities you need to have in order to succeed. Quitters, on the other hand, can help you see the less known benefits of not being persistent, and those benefits are as follows:

  1. Protect your well-being.

Every dream seems possible when you are young. Then you grow up and realize that that’s not always the case. If you give up pursuing an unattainable dream early on, you are likely to end up with lower stress levels. You also have a lower risk to depression. You might not be happy by achieving something great. But, at least you will be at ease knowing that you give up on something unattainable and will not be depressed about it that much.

  1. Focus on your family life.

If you are chasing your one great dream, you are going to sacrifice a lot of time for it. This doesn’t only affect you; it has an impact to your family as well. If you opt to quit, you can use the time to guide and take care of your kids instead.

When famous people turn their backs on their prized careers, they tend to say that they want to spend more time with their family. Then some people think of such reason as a meaningless excuse. But then again, the thoughts and feelings of loved ones are more valuable than those of strangers who have no care about others.

  1. Save yourself from further sunk costs.

The time, effort and all other resources you invested on a goal or a job comprise the so-called sunk costs. Perhaps, the sunk costs are the main reason that keeps you from quitting. You might be scared about wasting all those resources you spent. But come to think of it, if your goal is truly unattainable or if your job isn’t fun and rewarding as you expected, you are going to waste more of those resources. Consequently, you are more likely to regret that than the decision of walking out. You can spend your resources to other opportunities instead.

  1. Dictate your life instead of allowing your job to take over.

If you want to pursue small business bookkeeping and not your current job, then make the choice. Don’t let sunk costs stop you from doing so. Don’t let the opinion and expectation of other people control you. Choose the life you want right now. If that means you have to quit something, then do it.


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