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Being a leading Canada Xero accountant invariably means that we love simplicity, technology, efficiency and just being sexy with our numbers.

Xero began their business with the aim to be an online/browser based bookkeeping alternative, another bookkeeping software alternative amongst the plethora of offerings. Like many start-up businesses, Xero evolved after discovering what worked and what didn’t work. Xero seized on the pain points of the tech generation and worked hard to make life a little easier. This contributed to their success and transformed Xero into not just a periphery system, but as many have termed it, a platform. A platform being a staple accounting software, competing with the likes of Quickbooks Online and few others. Being a platform software means that you develop some serious muscle. This muscle means that they have the partnerships and resources to continue adding to offering and it does not appear that Xero is losing steam any time soon.

Check out these exciting cloud accounting features we have heard, through the grapevine, are on the horizon. Ssssshhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

  • Xero has partnered with Microsoft to bring Power BI to small and medium size businesses. Power BI, is a business analytics tool with the capability of extracting useful and meaningful data from a companies larger and less meaningful store of financial data. In the past, a program like this would have been beyond the price point of a typical small business, but Xero is flexing that muscle to make this technology accessible to you and I.
  • Xero Me- a new payroll app for IOS and android systems allowing employees of small business the ability to submit requests for time-off, enter billable hours spent on a job and other directly from their smart phones. Again, another feature to make the pain points of business easier anytime and anyplace.
  • Finally, Xero HQ, an item that makes my life as a Canada Xero accountant easier and allows me to serve my clients more effectively. For instance, Xero HQ will include a dashboard so that I as a Xero accountant can see real-time alerts for all my clients at the same time and in a single location.

Xero is leading the way in the online space. We are very excited to see the features roll out and look forward to hearing more developments.

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