How Mental Health Affects Your Business

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According to the recent survey by Morneau Shepell, almost a third of Canadian employees suffered or still suffer from anxiety disorder, depression, and/or other mental health conditions. On the other hand, 27% of the respondents reported that they are dealing with a lot of stress, but have not undergone diagnosis if they have any mental health problems.


You could be one of them.


Is your mental health going to affect your business or productivity? Do you need to do something about it? Stress and other issues just go away naturally, right? In some cases, the answer is yes; most of the time, it is a big no.


More often than not, leaving such serious conditions unattended can make things spiral out of control and you will certainly take your business with you. Ignored stress and mental health conditions will only make themselves worse, without you noticing it.


But what exactly do these mental health conditions do to you? A few of the most noticeable effects are:


  • Antipathy
  • Presenteeism
  • Absenteeism


As a CEO or even just a regular employee, these effects can make a big, negative impact to your company or career. Sure, you can consciously control and prevent yourself from being antipathetic or absent. However, it will lead to presenteeism.


Presenteeism is a habit of forcing yourself to work or be present even if you are sick, in distress, injured, or incapable of concentrating or focusing on your work or task.


Practicing this habit will only worsen your health (including physical), reduce your productivity, and you might even “infect” your employees and co-workers. And that is just a scratch on the surface of mental health issues at work.


The survey also gathered data on how the mentally “ill” and stressed employees feel about their work. Almost 45% of the respondents thought about leaving their jobs. Almost 31% of the employees frequently took time off because of their job-related stress from work. Then 25% reported that they became ill due to their concerns in the workplace. And 58% admitted that their productivity lessened a lot due to their mental health conditions.


How can this mental health concern be alleviated? Primarily, CEOs have three common sources of stress, and they are:


  1. Work Life Pace
  2. Pain of Downsizing
  3. Social Isolation


To be frank, only two out of the three can be managed faster, items one and two specifically. For those two to be solved, you need to control one thing in your life. Time. Yes. Time. As long as you have more time, you will be able to manage your work life’s pace and solve social isolation.


The most common method for you to make time is to delegate the most time-consuming and stressful tasks. And according to surveys, managing a company’s finances is one of the most time-consuming and stressful tasks of a businessman, especially ones who are handling startups. Thus, hiring a virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is the perfect solution. Let your virtual CFO handle the day-to-day task of overseeing the finance-related part of your business, and you will experience so much relief from the stress of having to make decisions involving money.



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