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Bill Gates (computer business mogul), Oprah Winfrey (media entrepreneur), and Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder), are only few of the names who are commonly associated with success. Many people forget about Oscar Wilde, Frida Kahlo, or Salvador Dali. The first group are successful in their own fields in business, while the latter are globally-recognized for their profound art and creativity. What many do not know is that these world movers and changers have something in common. They are all non-conformists. A quick Google search sums up non-conformists as the people who did not believe in the Church of England, or the Anglican Church, after the 1662 Act of Uniformity. In a sense, non-conformists today, such as the two groups mentioned above, do not believe in the same beliefs that this world throws at them.

As non-conformists, these people share the same characteristics that made each of them successful in their own right. Here are three unique traits that make non-conformists successful people:

First of all, non-conformists are fearless, but smart people. They are not afraid to ask questions. They have a hunger for challenges, knowledge, and answers. They are not afraid to take calculated risks. They are not afraid to commit mistakes. They get back up, learn from their errors, and try all over again.

Non-conformists also believe in themselves, especially in their individuality. They are confident of their thoughts. They make further steps to improve themselves and their craft. They invest in themselves and in whatever is possible to enhance their creativity and success. According to Reid Hoffman, an entrepreneur who started LinkedIn, a person is never a finished product because there is always evolution involved.

Lastly, non-conformists don’t follow rules. A normal life for a person would be to, (1) graduate from school; (2) get a job; (3) get married, buy a house, and have kids; (4) work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; (6) get promoted to the top; and (7) retire at the age of 60 and travel. These steps in life make it difficult to be a non-conformist. True non-conformists are passion-driven and are hard workers that go out of their way to make sure that what they believe in will happen. They will not follow the same routine that normal people make every single day, or for a lifetime.

A recent Harvard University study showed that the success of non-conformists leads to change. It is inevitable. It moves people. It moves the world. How and why? In the same study, it is suggested that non-conformists are believed to be competent and admirable because of their creativity and individuality. Such traits influence people to follow them and they in turn, have a positive impact on how the world works. Bill Gates, the ultimate persona of a successful entrepreneur, believed that change is everything. It directs the world towards a better future.

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