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Is outsourced accounting services right for your business? Many start-ups and small business owners are discovering the power of outsourcing core business functions at fixed subscription based rates.

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The new trend is value added subscription based services. It started in Silicon Valley as software proprietors were looking for the most rational way to collect royalties for the use and distribution of their intellectual property. As opposed to tangible assets that are transacted for in a one time sale with a one-time fee, upon transfer of the asset, tech start-ups were selling something different. They were selling the on-going use and benefit of their proprietary systems. Hence, the birth of the on-going monthly fee model. Silicon Valley has made huge waves and has made profound in-roads into all areas of modern culture. Business is no exception. The new trend for millenials appears to be subscription based pricing for all needed and value added services.

Future Balance CPAs is at the forefront of this initiative, as one of the first outsourced online accounting services in Canada offering the subscription based model. Future Balance CPAs is at the crest of the wave with other outsourced business service companies. For instance, have you heard of Fancy Hands for your virtual receptionist, Creative Cloud for your virtual in-house graphic designer, or PandaDoc for your virtual in-house sales representative? These are all progressive business services that are using technology to service your business, from front-office tasks to back-office tasks, and everywhere in between, all at subscription based pricing.

Millenials are entrepreneurial, they are passionate about what they are selling and desire autonomy, but this presents its own unique set of problems. Not every business owner/start-up founder has the time to wear all hats, they cannot create or source their product, sell it, collect the receivables, pay their bills, drum up business, keep their books up to date and many many more tasks, all simultaneously. Further, the vast majority of start-ups are on strict budgets or are under funded.

It seems like subscription based outsourced business services have become popular for good reason. Many smart business owners are discovering this. Check us out futurebalance.ca to see how we can optimize how your business functions.


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