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When it comes to work ethics, millennials are the people who’ve been on the receiving end of an undeserved bad reputation in the workplace. millennials have been branded as lazy, unmotivated, and other negative adjectives on their work performance for the better part of the last decade. But, are millennials really that bad?

The answer to these questions is a resounding “no.”

One of the main reasons why millennials are so maligned in structured establishments is that there is a generational gap between the youth of today and representatives from the Baby Boomer, X, and Y generations.

millennials live in a world where technology has become more accessible to the common man. This ease of access to modern innovation has opened up a world of comfort that past generations haven’t fully enjoyed.

Personal computers and mobile phones have made it easier for millennials to communicate with one another. Entertainment can be found through more media than what was available in the past. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have given the youth of today the ability to convey their thoughts to a wider audience and interaction with one another can be done no matter which part of the world they live in.

This is something that businesses have to take notice of. Encouraging the use of modern technology to keep millennials focused on certain tasks is possible if you think like them. The bottom line is: Allow the youth of today to bring in the tools that could make their work process faster and easier.

Hiring a QBO Accountant

One good example is the new breed of QBO accountants that seem to be flooding the LinkedIn market. A QBO accountant has experience using online accounting platforms and is able to harness the ease and accessibility of modern technology.

With the help of QuickBooks, a QBO accountant is able to accurately track data and revenue and store it easily using the cloud for easy retrieval. Another QBO accountant with the right access codes can then easily get the data and assist in monitoring your account online. Both QBO accountants can then work on the same worksheet or share it with more people so that the workload lightens up thus making the computation process a faster one.

This is a good example of the saying, “Two heads are better than one.”

Thus, harnessing the full potential of Millennials lies in understanding how they process the world around them. Providing proper guidance and allowing these millennials to take full advantage of modern technology can actually make your work processes easier and faster.


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