The Need To Be Entertained

need to be entertained



There is so much content on the Web. Some even spend several hours online watching YouTube, looking at Facebook and Instagram posts, and reading articles that get their attention. However, it is a shame that some articles were never read and some videos and pictures were never viewed. It certainly takes so much effort to be recognized. How come others were able to make it? How were they able to get the attention from others? It is because they understand their audience — they know why their audience has the need to be entertained.


You do not read every article you see online. Most of the time, you get attracted first by the pretty pictures before you go to the website containing that picture. You get inspired by beautiful landscapes and even imagine yourself going there. How could anyone not pay attention when the image is having your own view by the beach?


People always try to see themselves in everything they see online. The easiest way to make them need or want something is when you are able to make them imagine how that thing can be a part of their lives. You may see a photo of a successful Toronto CPA and think to yourself that you can be that person. People often get attracted by things that are within their reach. One thinks that by working hard, one can achieve all that he or she wants someday.


Aside from pretty pictures, people seem to respond well when they know the people behind the organization. They get the idea of how they started and realize that they were once like them — ordinary people. People develop the feeling that by knowing their lives, they get more intimate with them. People try to see themselves in the personalities they see online. This gives them the belief that by emulating their hobbies and interests, they can be like them in the future. For example, people imagine themselves to be that cloud accountant strutting his way to the office and having the time of his life.


The increased need to be entertained by pretty pictures and the knowledge of the people behind the success of a business is a good way to keep the audience motivated. It is a fun and loving way of getting attention because then it becomes more personal to individuals. People will see themselves as part of the pretty picture or develop the desire to be that person who makes a business strong and successful. It allows them to see themselves beyond who they are today.


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