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If you have lived long enough to have seen the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, you are now witnessing an age when fiction has turned into fact. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk. Are they known for their looks? Certainly not, but they have been hogging the limelight and they are some of the most influential personalities in the world, and people think they are sexy.

Common Denominator

So in what aspect do these people excel in life? Technology. One developed perhaps the most used operating system in the world, one owns the most used social networking site in the planet, and one is giving Tony Stark, sans the Iron Man suit, a run for his money. Each individual is at the top of the game in his chosen field. They’re rich, they are experts in different fields of technology, and they’re famous. These things make them some of the sexiest persons alive. Not because they have well-built bodies or beautiful faces, but because they have proven to the world that being nerds and having knowledge in their respective fields can be what makes them most attractive.

Nerds are Passionate

Passion is life’s driving force and without it, you just go with the flow rather than control the flow. The average person is content with what life has to offer and they don’t think out of the box. Nerds, on the other hand, show passion in what they do. They work hard to reach their goals and they won’t let little snags get in their way. This makes them successful and sexy.

Nerds Communicate Well

Contrary to the popular belief that nerds are introverts and are social disasters, most of them are actually very well-skilled in communication. They know that lasting relationships are the foundations of a good business, so communication plays an integral part. You need confidence to communicate with assertiveness and confidence comes with knowledge in your area of expertise. Nerds are some of the most effective speakers because they remain calm under stress and know what they’re talking about.

They Connect People

Nerds are aware of their surroundings. They know who is best at executing certain tasks and they connect these people together to form formidable alliances. They can use their knowledge of technology to bring ideas together.

Nerds understand the fragile balance between knowledge, communication and personality. They are the new trendsetters and they bring new meaning to the word ‘sexy’.

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