3 Gadgets That Can Actually Help Your Business

By January 11, 2017 April 17th, 2019 Entrepreneurship, Small business advisory

Technology is there to assist humans. And there is no reason business entities should not be taking advantage of it. However, with multiple inventions and creations of theoretically useful but realistically useless devices out there, one cannot just hoard everything that technology offers.

Nonetheless, here are a few gadgets that might prove that there are still worthwhile devices that will provide value for your business and even for yourself.

TrackR Bravo


TrackR Bravo is a small device, which is an attachable disc that looks like a quarter. Its main purpose is to allow you to track items where the device is attached. The gadget comes with an app that will allow you to detect where it is within a 100-feet radius. If it is out of your range, other TrackR’s will assist in locating.

In the business setting, you can use it to prevent office theft. You can even use it in tracking employees by placing TrackR Bravos on their IDs. Of course, be sure to check with the legalities of employee tracking. For example, it is illegal in Canada to perform invasive employee monitoring.

Thinkware Dash Cam F750


Thinkware Dash Cam F750 is a regular dashboard camera for vehicles with extra features and improved specs. It records 1080p HD video, has both and front cameras, and comes with a built-in wireless connection and GPS tracker.You can install these gadgets in company vehicles as a solution to car theft. Also, you can use the device to keep track of your drivers and their cargoes.

BrinnoTimeLapse Jobsite Camera

gadget for business

BrinnoTimeLapse Jobsite Camera can take videos and produce time-lapsed versions of those videos. It is sturdy, and is built to resistant to harsh weather and environmental conditions.

In Toronto, and other parts of Canada, construction and renovation are booming industries. If you have a construction firm, you can use this device to monitor the progress of your employees and project in a span of a few minutes. Also, you can use the time-lapse video as a form of advertising to prospective clients.


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