Keeping Up with Customer Expectations – New Challenges

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Businesses in Toronto face challenges to meet customer expectations. These challenges are compounded by the fact that advances in technology breed new customer expectations.

For most experts, the belief is any delay in meeting those expectations
may turn into serious setbacks on product competitiveness or the demise of a business altogether. Which areas of your business do you need thorough checks and upgrades?

Personalized Experience

In the past, anonymity had a high value. Now, the tide has turned to the direction where there’s a need to be more personal with customers.

It was found that people still want to talk to bank tellers or customer representatives despite the availability of online services and mobile phone purchase systems. Furthermore, there’s a huge effort to make information accessible to people.

The craving for a more personalized experienced has become obvious with the way customers behave. For example, online carts get dumped when shoppers fail to get satisfactory answers to their questions.

The trick is to collect all requests, questions and orders at the end of the day, find out which of these are most important, and give outright resolutions to issues raised by your customers.

Accounting Solutions

Automating business processes in Canada is no longer an option. It is a must.  Automation will allow your business to free up more time for your employees.

With more free time to use, your staff can have a face-to-face encounter with your customers and personally attend to their needs. The overall goal is to add value to your business and improve customer experience.  For this end, industry experts agree that cloud accounting software are the best solutions so far.

It is hard to disagree with the observation. Many businesses that now use cloud accounting software have cut a significant amount of time spent on tax recording and issuing quotes and invoices. As a result, there’s more time for focusing on customer service and innovations that can give the company a competitive advantage.

Quick Response to Customer Needs

Customers are easily annoyed when they have to wait too long. Their view about themselves as customers has long changed. They now think that they should get what they want the minute they request for it.

Companies need not worry about this behavior change. The reality is most people come with the best of intentions. It’s just that customers want their problems fixed, and fixed without them having to waste their time.

Make sure your management staff, front line service and sales people are up to the new challenges that businesses contend with.


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