The Nineties Are Back … And I Feel Old

By January 20, 2017 April 17th, 2019 Future Balance CPA's News

Remember the nineties? Well, whether you like or it not, they’re back – and it’s making me feel old. Lately, I’m seeing more and more fashion on the street that I had long ago discarded or shoved into the back of my closet. Doc Martens and platform shoes are making a comeback, as well as other staples of nineties fashion such as choker necklaces, crop tops and slip dresses. What to do? Should I join in, at the risk of looking ridiculous? After all, the end of the nineties was not that long ago. And I’m not that old, or at least I like to tell myself I’m not.

Spearheading this nineties revival are contemporary young style icons who are complementing them with more modern pieces. Rihanna has been seen rocking a Gen X wardrobe, and even wore many nineties fashion emblems in her video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” including long denim skirts and chokers. Gigi Hadid was photographed wearing an oversized denim jacket like the ones I used to wear in high school, while Kendall Jenner cut off her long locks in favor of a lob style she says is inspired by nineties fashion icon Christy Turlington.

What was fashion like in the nineties? Well, Grunge was in so everybody wanted to look ultra-casual. So the basic T-shirt and jeans look was in, in a big way. But the T-shirts were graphic designer shirts from Tommy Hillfiger and the jeans were the perennial favorite Levis. The cool guys – or those who dared – wore backwards baseball caps. Guys who thought they could pull it off wore Kangol hats. And when they wanted to buy something, they pulled out their black Velcro wallets with the red demon faces on them. Of course, back in the day, kids in Canada bought their clothes from outlets like Randy River and thriftys, and hung out at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

So I grew up in the nineties and so it should not be surprising that I feel nostalgic, and a little old, when I see kids dressing up in the clothes me and my friends used to wear back in the day. But you know what? I really shouldn’t, since I already had my fun with the fashion, before I moved on. So when I see the kids of today wearing these clothes, it makes me smile to see them enjoying fashions the way I did. Welcome back, nineties!

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