The Customizable Consumer

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customizable consumer

It seems that modern-day consumers are very fond of having products and services tailored especially for them. Product customization is becoming apparent in almost all business establishments nowadays. Consumers in Canada and in other parts of the world want products that no other person has — a product that’s especially made for them. What’s customization all about, why is it immensely popular, and how do businesses respond to this trend?


Product Customization Defined

Product customization is defined as providing a service or product solely and specifically for an individual consumer. Businesses take the consumer’s personal specifications and requests and craft a product that’s right for them. This trend has been happening in Canada and around the world for quite some time now, and is notably becoming even more popular nowadays.


Why Go Customized?

Modern consumers, especially the millennials belonging to the “Selfie Generation,” frequently want things on their own terms. From usual items such as bags and clothes, to other sophisticated services such as business solutions and cloud accounting software, customization is often applied. It’s quite nice for consumers to think that a company goes all out in giving them a customized version of their usual wares, and the old practice of having something exclusively made for a person is brought back to life by this trend.


Businesses’ Take on the Customizable Consumer

Entrepreneurs are welcoming the customization trend with open arms. Companies in Toronto, Canada and other countries see this concept as a great way to win the loyalty of their customers. It’s also a fresh and new way to introduce old business ideas and turn them into something appealing to the public. Many companies offer customizable items, regardless of what service or product they buy. Accounting firms, for instance, offer custom cloud accounting to their corporate clients. SEO companies provide personalized services to each site owner that they cater to. Manufacturers of cosmetics create color palettes and lipstick shades tailored according to their customer’s skin tones. It seems that the personalized products trend is strong and will be here to stay for several years to come.


How Do Companies Do Mass Customization?

Successful retailers offering custom-made products carefully study their target customers first. What are their wants and needs? How can the company keep up with customer’s requests? With the answers to these questions in mind, the company gears up their resources for mass customization. They then advise their customers about the personalization options, and try their best to achieve a product that exactly meets the customer’s demands and needs. Success is attained when their customers are delighted, provide positive feedback, encourage others to try the company’s services, or simply stick with the company for a long time.


Consumers Have The Final Say

The staying force of mass customization will undoubtedly remain for a long time. Customers, ranging from individuals to corporate ones, find delight in seeing a personalized lipstick shade matching their skin tone, or a cloud accounting software especially tailored for them, respectively. They’ll keep coming back for more personalized items, and that means more regular customers and more profits for the company. Customization is the newest business trend today, and companies know that it’s here to stay. And the customizable consumer will always have the final say.


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