The Motivations Of An Entrepreneur To Start His Own Business

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Everyone knows that the business jungle is not an easy arena and is not for the faint of heart. Several people who have brilliant ideas choose to remain mum and push the idea of putting up their own startups away. But there are some who are gutsy and are willing to take the risks in the business world.


It’s quite mind-boggling to think of what those brave young entrepreneurs and those established businessmen had in mind when they first put up their store signs. Of course, earning more money is on their minds, but there are more reasons than that, of course. Here’s a look at the motivations of entrepreneurs and see what drives them to start their own businesses.


  • A Bright Idea Itching to Get Out

Most entrepreneurs get excited and motivated to establish their own ventures when they have a great idea in mind. Whether it’s an innovative design that steers clear from the conventional, or an old concept that has the ability to become fresh again, entrepreneurs just want it out because they believe it could help make a positive difference in other people’s lives.


  • Personal Control

Entrepreneurs in Canada and in other parts of the world are driven by the desire to lead on their own. They want to shift from being an employee to becoming the CEO. And why not? Being in control means they get the chance to operate their own companies. From hiring employees to small business accounting services, they are totally in charge. The demands of a business owner’s work are extremely high, but motivated entrepreneurs are willing to take on these hard tasks for the sake of the company they’ve started. They do all these for the sake of change, because they’ve probably experienced undesirable working conditions as an employee (such as strict bosses and poor company performance) and wanted to banish those in their own new companies.


  • Growth and Personal Development

Startup entrepreneurs and successful businessmen are motivated by the desire to learn and improve in their work. More opportunities for growth and development can be seen virtually anywhere in the world, like in Toronto, Canada for instance. These entrepreneurs are open to learning new knowledge that can be useful to them, business-wise and personally. Some of them learn small business accounting methods; others go on seminars to improve their products and services. Learning is always enjoyable for them, and they realize that it is a continuous cycle for their own personal and career growth.


  • The Desire to Help Others

To help improve other people’s lives is one of the biggest motivations of entrepreneurs. They want to put up their own businesses in the hopes that their products and services will influence other people positively. They might also want to start a business because they want to give jobs to people. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs hire people for clerical jobs, marketing positions, or small business accounting services, because they know that doing so will improve their new employees’ lives and help them individually grow as a person.


It takes a lot of guts and willpower for a person to turn into an entrepreneur. The real reasons driving entrepreneurs to build their own companies are really far from the profits that the business will potentially rake in. The real business world is harsh, and startup businessmen have to deal with several failures and struggles. But if the real driving force for starting a business is in their hearts and minds, success will surely follow them.


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